Putting Numbers to Work

Welcome to MetLife’s podcast, “Putting Numbers to Work,” where experts take complex ideas from across the benefits research landscape and distill them into lessons employers can put to action.

HR professionals are inundated with new stories and emerging trends that help predict radical shifts in employee expectations and how organizations need to change to stay competitive. It’s hard to know who to trust, what’s hype, what’s real, and what’s going to have an impact.

With today’s employment landscape, success goes beyond understanding the trends – it means converting emerging insights to action to meet the challenges of the day-to-day. Like the best medicines, some insights are hard to swallow, but they arm HR professionals with the tools they need to make lasting and impactful changes on their workforces.

Every episode, we’ll give you the data, confidence and practical advice you need to help stay competitive and build a stronger, more productive and holistically healthy workforce.